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Creatrix Tiara enjoys exploring ideas around arts, tech, community, identity, liminality, belonging, and social justice.

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Tumblr ou68xopusj1qziismo1 1280 article

In Their Own Words: LGBTQ Asia Responds to Taiwan’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling | Autostraddle

A very in-depth exploration of LGBTQ laws and rights in Asia, covering 17 countries across the region.

Sameera krishnan via human rights watch 531x640 article

Trans Women in Malaysia Need Support and Accountability in the Face of Increasing Violence | Autostraddle

Reporting on a number of high-profile cases of violence against trans women in Malaysia as well as interviews with notable trans activists in Malaysia on the kind of support they need.

First night by ciro continisio article

Add Queer & Trans Developers to One 52-Hour Train Ride, Get Rad Inclusive Games | Autostraddle

About my experience on Train Jam, including interviews with other queer & trans participants.

Rainbow refugee at pride article

New Canadian LGBTQI Immigration Guidelines May Actually Make Sense, Help People

About Chairperson's Guildline 9, which provides guidelines for much more humane treatment of LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers.

I exist article

OPINION: Why is marriage equality the only LGBTQ movement that cares about immigrants? | SameSame

Reflecting on the marriage equality movement (especially in Australia) and immigration rights for LGBTQ people.

Aadyaaachalfromtheladiesfinger 1024x575 article

Indian Web Series “The Other Love Story” Gives Queer Women A Happy Ending | Autostraddle

Reflecting - and squeeing! - over Indian webseries The Other Love Story and what that kind of representation means to me as a queer South Asian woman.

Pc3a article

Hey Australians: Buy Your LGBTQI+ Friends Lunch to Protest the Plebiscite (#IllBuyYouLunch)

Riffing off a piece by Bec Shaw about the Same-Sex Marriage Plebiscite, I calculated how much it would cost to use the plebiscite money to buy each LGBTQI+ person lunch.

Tara onstage article

Try To Be Kinder: Tara from WicDiv Deserved Better, and So Did I

A reflection on the pain I endured during my time in the Australian burlesque scene, as parallelled by Tara from The Wicked + The Divine.

What Artists, Activists, and Other Alternatives Can Get Out of HBX CORe

The HBX team asked me to write about my experiences with their HBX CORe program!

Malaysians celebrate 2014 ruling by al jazeera america article

Seeds of a Revolution: Malaysian Trans Community Win in High Court’s Landmark Ruling

Reporting on the latest wins for trans people in Malaysia (such as the ruling allowing a trans man to have ID that reflects his gender).

13920635 1069550413131615 8430197307076839123 n article

Magickal Correspondences and Pop Culture Universes — Medium

More exploration of pop culture magick!

Rosemary by ikimaru article

Bisexual Trolls and Non-Binary Sprites: The Power of LGBTQ Visibility in “Homestuck” | Autostraddle

Talking through the LGBTQ representation of one of my favourite works, Homestuck, with insight from other LGBTQ fans.

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Too many malls | Malaysiakini

Malaysia is constantly growing malls - but there are so many abandoned ones that could be of use.

Mkini article

One Bangladeshi in 1.5 million | Malaysiakini

Reflecting on the news of 1.5 million Bangladeshi labourers coming to Malaysia, as a Bangladeshi-Malaysian.


Decolonization and Alienation: Why I Find My Peers’ Politics Unrelatable | Medium

A response to another friend's thoughts on decolonization politics grew into me articulating my own discomfort with the way the activists around me use the term.