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Creatrix Tiara enjoys exploring ideas around arts, tech, community, identity, liminality, belonging, and social justice.

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Challenging traditional burlesque – plus-size Asian punk style | The Scavenger

On my involvement in the inaugural Miss Burlesque Australia pageant as the sole non-White performer in my state (and possibly the entire country).

Self-care is subversive | The Scavenger

Self-care as it relates to activist communities.

Am I genderqueer? | The Scavenger

Contemplating my gender identity as it intersects with race and nationality. This was reprinted in the newsletter for the Australian Transgender Support Association of Queensland.

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You, an artist? Says who? | The Scavenger

Talking about the pointlessness of limiting the definition of "artist" to overly specific categories.

Just how useful is language policing? | The Scavenger

I express my skepticism over language policing as a primary means of activism, questioning whether the efforts translate to other actions for similar causes.

Artists can make money online – if they benefit from race and class privilege | The Scavenger

Discussing whether crowdfunding, long heralded as a funding lifesaver for artists, only really works if you come from particular social privilege.

Fat is a cultural issue | The Scavenger

Discussing how the concept of "fat" is viewed differently between cultures and countries, particularly on how I get coded as "fat" in Malaysia but not in the West.

On access, intimacy and vulnerability | The Scavenger

On how difficult it is to ask for help when you feel at your most vulnerable, due to social stigma.