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Creatrix Tiara enjoys exploring ideas around arts, tech, community, identity, liminality, belonging, and social justice.

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Who's A Pretty Burlesque Princess Now | Racialicious

Analysis of beauty standards in burlesque, with interviews with other performers and audience members in the burlesque industry. This was cited in the academic text "A Good Night Out for the Girls: Popular Feminisms in Contemporary Theatre and Performance" by Elaine Aston and Geraldine Harris.

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I Haven't Actually Been Called a Slut | Racialicious

Reflecting on my involvement with Slutwalk (international movement around sexual assault and slut-shaming) as a queer woman of colour from a non-Western country.


On Burlesque | Racialicious

Written when I started my burlesque career, I talk about my challenges trying to integrate my cultural background with this artform and the very White-centric burlesque scene.

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Exotic Taboo [Love, Anonymously] | Racialicious

On not being regarded seriously as a potential love interest due to my "exotic" nature.