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Creatrix Tiara enjoys exploring ideas around arts, tech, community, identity, liminality, belonging, and social justice.

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Hey Australians: Buy Your LGBTQI+ Friends Lunch to Protest the Plebiscite (#IllBuyYouLunch)

Riffing off a piece by Bec Shaw about the Same-Sex Marriage Plebiscite, I calculated how much it would cost to use the plebiscite money to buy each LGBTQI+ person lunch.

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Magickal Correspondences and Pop Culture Universes — Medium

More exploration of pop culture magick!


Decolonization and Alienation: Why I Find My Peers’ Politics Unrelatable | Medium

A response to another friend's thoughts on decolonization politics grew into me articulating my own discomfort with the way the activists around me use the term.

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#BusinessyBrunette Series — Medium

I liveblogged what I've learned from Harvard Business School's online pre-MBA/business fundamentals course HBX CORe - reframing what I've learned for people who may not consider themselves "businessy".


Buzzfeed Community, NPR Code Switch, and the Perils of Misattribution — Medium

Write a post on Buzzfeed Community. Have it go viral. Have Buzzfeed get all the credit.

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My dad dared me to apply for the Harvard MBA - and I'm taking it on.

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Slutwalk, Amber Rose, and the Celebrity Commodification of Grassroots Activism — Medium

About my ambivalence to the commodification of Slut Walk by Amber Rose as a former organizer.

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Let’s Lose The Arts/Tech False Dichotomy Already — Medium

As the title says - the separation of arts and tech does not really need to be there. Written for Model View Culture's Quarterly #1.

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[do ALL things!] | Medium

Arts, tech, and not having to choose just one as a young girl.

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[the liminal survivor] | Medium

Personal narratives on surviving sexual assault and coming out as queer intermix with political reflections on misunderstandings around sexual assault especially in "unusual" situations.