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Creatrix Tiara enjoys exploring ideas around arts, tech, community, identity, liminality, belonging, and social justice.

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Aadyaaachalfromtheladiesfinger 1024x575 article

Indian Web Series “The Other Love Story” Gives Queer Women A Happy Ending | Autostraddle

Reflecting - and squeeing! - over Indian webseries The Other Love Story and what that kind of representation means to me as a queer South Asian woman.

Malaysians celebrate 2014 ruling by al jazeera america article

Seeds of a Revolution: Malaysian Trans Community Win in High Court’s Landmark Ruling

Reporting on the latest wins for trans people in Malaysia (such as the ruling allowing a trans man to have ID that reflects his gender).

Rosemary by ikimaru article

Bisexual Trolls and Non-Binary Sprites: The Power of LGBTQ Visibility in “Homestuck” | Autostraddle

Talking through the LGBTQ representation of one of my favourite works, Homestuck, with insight from other LGBTQ fans.

Futuresexlogo article

You Can Now Take A College-Level Course in Sex Toy Design ...

A profile on RMIT's Future Sex Studio, training Industrial Design students in sex toy design.

0 mf37sexpiv61ytud article article

Queer Lapis: Learning to Love Home Again | Autostraddle

About how being in a relationship with a White American woman helped me appreciate my Malaysian heritage. (Sadly the trip this article was fundraising for did not work out.)